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Activity Kits - Fun DIY for Kids

Written by RUBINA TIYU


Posted on September 27 2020

Why Playtime is a Must for Your Kids? 

Studies have shown that spending time with family and friends helps a child in numerous ways like the physical, mental, emotional, and social growth of the child. These childhood memories are preserved by the mind for life and continue to drive joy from time to time. Also, playtime with parents builds a special bond between them and kids. It opens up the child and makes the kids realise that they can share everything with them. Gifting their favourite toys or some interesting giftscan bring them even closer to you.

Educating Kids in Interesting Manner

Unlike playing, teaching small kids can become a mind-numbing process sometimes, and expecting them to sit through the whole session is just a mirage, which only gets your hopes high. You may have faced a situation where your child would make silly excuses and take small breaks every five minutes while studying. He or she may start getting hungry, wanting to go to the loo, start feeling sleepy and you know the rest other tantrums. And before you realise it, this becomes a repetitive trend.

Knots & Gifts - Activity Kits Collection

Kids have a million reasons for why not to study but ever wondered, if there were a few interesting reasons for“why they would love to study?”.

What if we tell you that there are activity kits available in the market that are playful and at the same time can help your kid learn some skills and values? Yes! there are several kits and fun DIY craft projects present in the market, that can be extremely fun and knowledgeable. These kits will give proper required stimulation to your child’s daily routine and let his or her mind wander in its own creative space. Also, these are super entertaining and interesting and can keep your child engaged for a longer time. These can be the perfect gift for Children’s Day,birthdays, or any special occasion. Let’s have a look at some of the kits and items included in them.

Blossom and Hapazone Activity

    The Blossom & Hapazone Activity kit includes items like flowers, vases, ribbons, garden scissors, calico bag, burlap cloth, stone, flower food, &flower blocks. It is a very helpful kit if your kid is interested in nature and gardening. A beautiful floral bouquet can be made by this kit. It will help your child to take the initiative towards planting a plant and put the responsibility on his or her shoulder to take care of the plant. It teaches the kids that patience is necessary to get the desired result and the importance of mother nature.

    By using burlap and stone, kids can make different floral patterns on various clothes as they like. It helps them become more creative and let their creativeness explore in different directions. Flower blocks can be used to make different bright & colourful patterns.

    This kit is the perfect combo of DIY science project as well as DIY art projects for Kids if you are looking to educate your kids along with interesting fun tasks.

     A Beautiful Floral Bouquet  Blossom & Hapazone Activity kit

    Knex Activity

      Knex Activity presents a set of various kits that include several creative tools. Some of them are Knex helicopter set, papers, buttons & pom-poms, paintbrushes, markers, carton box, calico bag & Chibitronics set. These tools are playful as well as can help develop skills and act as an easy DIY science project for your kid. It will help focus mainly on the creative side of your kid.

      Another advantage of this kit is that it seems like a perfect choice if you are searching for cool DIY projects for kids.This Knex activity kit can therefore be included in the best gifts for 12 year old boys or upto 15 years!

      Knex Activity Easy DIY Science Project

      How Much I Love You? Activity

        The How Much I Love You activity set includes items that can be used for your little artist and along with it you can also express your affection towards them. It contains items like How Much I Love You? Book, papers, buttons, pom poms, sequins, ribbons, twines, paints, brushes, basket, calico bag, Chibitronics set. This activity is indulging and interesting and is a perfect gift for artistic kids. It will hook up your kid and make them enjoy new designs made by them.

        All of these kits can be categorised as the best DIY craft kits for kids and gifting one of those will surely get you crowned as “Best Parents of the World”! You can give them these kits as a present for their birthday or Christmas or to just show how much you love them and care about them and eventually get yourself a chance to dive into your kid's mind and have a happy and quality time together.

        How Much I Love You activity set