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Beer and Champagne Bundles - A Perfect Gift

Written by RUBINA TIYU


Posted on September 17 2020

Whether at Christmas, on our birthday or when we celebrate an anniversary with our partner, the most important thing on those occasions is a gift. And although we can spend hours looking for an exquisite perfect gift anywhere, the most precious ones are those that take efforts to search and select.The gift makes the value of a relationship more beautiful.And the most beautiful moment is the one when they unwrap your gift and see it for the first time. If it brings a smile on their faces, you have definitely chosen the perfect gift.

But today, everyone is so involved with gifting expensive items, that people have stopped looking for simple yet interesting gifts. Well, if you are looking for something unique and beautiful a food gift bundle would surely do wonders.

So, what are the best of Beer and Champagne bundles you can gift? Read on to find out!

Hangover Kit

Hangover Kit is a cool idea of a gift, for your special friend who has organiseda party for their special day. Well, but this will be more effective if you gift this after a boozy night.This hangover kit comes with Kombucha of your flavor choice, Quiches, Cool Aviator shades, Vitamin C tablets, moreish cookies, and bloody mary with a beautiful omakase floral bouquet.This hangover kit is certainly you can think of for you booz waken buddy.

Hangover Kit

G&TBundle (Gin & Tonic)

Gin Tonic is the best gift for birthdays, anniversary, or backyard parties.G&T (Gin & Tonic) is the best gift for your Gin lover friend, for whom you can also add in this bundle, Ramona Dry Sparkling Rose, Popcorn, Bag of Chips (Irvin's, Lays), and Bag of Nachos to gift to add to bitings. These are perfect for your foody & booz lover friend.

Beef Wellington & Cocktails

The Beef Wellington is a classic dish that is highly appreciated and valued on menus for special occasions which can be added with laiba cocktails for a better taste.Beef Wellington & Cocktails is the perfect gift for a Christmas dinner and pulling off thanksgiving. They're the best combination you can have as gift bundles for any occasion.

Beef Wellington & Cocktails

Beer Bundle

Beer bundles are the perfect combination for your booz night.This gift bundle includes bottles of beer, popcorn, bag of chips, bag of nachos, and pretzels. You can gift away this gift bundle on birthdays and have the perfect night with your loved ones or your group of friends.

Beer Bundle

Roast Pork & Cocktails 

A special day deserves special attention. The Roast Pork & Cocktails bundle suitable for special occasions such as night party, birthdays, Christmas, or Easter.

By offering this amazing bundle of Roast Pork & Cocktails with beer and champagne, you will find a beautiful smile on your loved one’s face. This bundle usually is combined with Laiba Cocktails, Garnishes, and Roast Pork.

Roast Pork & Cocktails with Beer and Champagne

Roast Pork & Craft Beers

Backyard parties are known to be the classy people’s parties where one has to think of what to gift before selecting anything as the gift is a responsible entity for impressing the party host.Roast Pork & Craft Beer bundle is absolutely the ultimate gift you can think of for a backyard party. This gift bundle includes exotic craft beer by the famous Trouble Brewing and delicious roast pork.

Roast Pork & Craft Beer Bundle

Chocolates & Bubblies

This is an excellent gift choice for a chocolate lover friend. And when combined with Champagne, it takes to the next level.Chocolates are also a symbol of love and giving chocolate is equivalent to a great gift.Therefore, Chocolates & Bubblies can be one of the gift choices you can make to impress your loved ones by gifting them the chocolates if their choice.

That said, Beer & Champagne bundle is much more than a gift, it is a token of appreciation towards someone special and your loved ones too.

Beer & ChampagneBundle