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Cheesecake Bundles - A Yummy Treat For Your Kids

Written by RUBINA TIYU


Posted on October 13 2020

Happiness is the best thing that one can share & while we talk about sharing joy, cakes are perfect for spreading happiness. But what if these regular cakes get a double dose of cheese, sounds interesting right? Yes! These yummy cakes are called as cheesecakes. Cheesecakes are fluffy, soft, loaded with cheese, and garnished with dry fruit or choco chips.

Now the question is, which cheesecake bundles you should try? Well, keep the toothsome taste of cheesecakes on the tip of your tongue and your curiosity for surprise gift bundles alive, because here are different cheesecake embedded in lovely and attractive gift bundles that you should try.

Aitor's Basque Burnt Cheesecake & Omakase Floral Flowers

Aitor's basque burnt cheesecake is a 7 inches crustless cake with an appealing outer side that looks like it is burnt and the inner side of the cake is fully cheesy, which can be a treat for anyone, especially for kids!

These Aitor's cheesecakes are so soft from inside that it just dissolves as soon as they enter your mouth and the creamy fillings will make you a guaranteed fan of this basque burnt cheesecakes by Aitor. This cheesecake comes in a bundle along with a beautiful fragrancing Omakase floral flowers as a compliment that you can gift to your children on different occasions such as birthday & other parties.

Basque Burnt Cheese Cake & Omakase Flowers

Patisserie G's Lychee Rose Cheesecake & Omakase Flowers

Patisserie G's lychee rose cheesecake is a heavenly combination of two flavours rose & lychee. These 14cm cheesecakes are sweet & delicious. If you & your kids are not one of the cheesecake fans, then you should try this. The magical flavour of lychee and the little tang of rose will make your family a cheesecake fan.

The crumble base & lychee jelly in the cake makes it more blissful to eat. This lychee and rose cheesecake with a complimentary bouquet of Omakase floral flowers can be a good food gift bundle for your loved ones.

Lychee Rose Cheesecake & Omakase Floral

Just Like Peri's Mini Cheesecake & Omakase Floral Bouquet

Just like Peri's Mini Cheesecakes are layered, smooth and creamy cakes loaded with cheese and a tinch of sour cream! The size of the cake is approximately 10 cm enough for a family of 3, and these cheesecakes have a vanilla flavoured wafer crust that is topped with fresh whipped cream and berries which can be a classic yummy-tummy treat for your kids. These mini cheesecakes are the perfect choice for your cheese lover kids. This appetising cheesecake comes in a gift bundle which includes a refreshing Omakase floral bouquet that will make your house deodorised by its fragrance.

Peri's Mini Cheesecake & Omakase Floral Bouquet

Esprit Nature's Bubblies With Just Like Peri's Mini Cheesecake

Is it a great gift hamper when you receive a food gift of Esprit Nature's Champagne with Just Like Peri's Mini Cheesecake? Of course, it is! With the mouth-watering taste of mini cheesecake & a little bit of bubbly by Henri Giraud's Esprit nature, you can have a great food moment of life.

These surprise gift bundles consist of a Mini Cheesecake by Just like Peri, a mini champagne bottle of Esprit Nature, and the ever-refreshing Omakase floral bouquet. This surprise bundle can be gifted on weddings & you can even gift this surprise hamper on different occasions & celebrations.

Mini Cheese Cake & Omakase Flowers

Why These Cheesecakes Are Every Kid's Love?

These cheesecakes are so fluffy, creamy, and tummy-yummy that it disappears as soon as it enters the mouth. Kids love these cakes, unlike most of the regular cakes that are available in the market. The cheesy smack with different and delicious flavours makes it a kid’s favourite.

Here are the cheesecakes bundles like Aitor's basque burnt cheesecake, Patisserie G's lychee rose cheesecake, Just like peri's mini cheesecake all along with an Omakase floral bouquet are the best of the best cheesecakes & gift bundles that you and your kids can have any time, be it an occasion or not.