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Chocolate Gift Bundles - Sweet Birthday Gift

Written by RUBINA TIYU


Posted on October 12 2020

Chocolates are a mood-swinger for anyone. It is said that chocolates are always an important part of any friendship/relations from its beginning to the end. And if chocolates are so important in our life, then it should be of the best quality. But why should we stop at quality chocolates when we enjoy the chocolates with different types of delicious coffees & lovely fragrancing bouquets all in one. Sounds unbelievable right? But it's true.

This saga of pleasure is known as a chocolate gift bundle. You can use this chocolate box as a sweet birthday gift or wedding gift.

Now that the stakes of your curiosity for trying these chocolate gift bundles have reached on top of the mountain, here are some of the best chocolate bundles that your heart won't deny trying one more time.

Chocolates & Coffee With An Omakase Flower Bouquet

This bundle offers you different products like Fossa chocolates& GK Kopi’s Coffee. The fossa is a Singaporean chocolate manufacturing company. Their chocolates are made from the finest roasted cacao seeds, and the taste of the chocolates is a gem of mouth. Burung-Indonesia with 72% dark chocolate, Finca la Rioja-Mexico with 70% dark chocolate, Kokoa Kamili 100% dark chocolate and Sea salt Dark chocolate are the 4 delicious types of Fossa chocolates that are included in these chocolate gift boxes. Apart from these, this chocolate gift basket also gives a tempting & mouth-watering coffee by GK Kopi. These coffees are the best and the most popular coffee in Singapore. This food gift bundle is completed when a deodorising Omakase bouquet is added in this Flower and chocolate basket as a compliment. You can gift these Chocolate bouquets to your loved ones (especially on their birthday) and this birthday bundle can be ordered online. 

Chocolates & Coffee With An Omakase Flower Bouquet


Hot Cocoa & Cookies Bundle

The Fossa hot cocoa & cookies are a super deluxe gift box that offers everything you want. If you are a chocolate lover then without a doubt, this is heaven delivered to you in a food basket and however, if you are not a chocolate lover you should try this once, and you will also feel the same heavenly pleasure. This Chocolate gift basket offers you different items such as

  • Chocolate bars
  • Pack of hot cocoa powder
  • Fresh berries
  • Marshmallows
  • Chrome mug (customisation available)
  • Omakase bouquet
Hot Cocoa & Cookies


The treat-full chocolate bars available in this food bundles are Chrysanthemum tea chocolate, Honey Orchid Dancong Hongcha Tea Chocolate, Salted Egg Cereal Blond Chocolate, White Sesame Chocolate and many more flavours that you can try out. You also get a pack of cocoa powder by Fossa chocolates and every time Fossa chocolate is mentioned you don't have to worry about flavours and taste because Fossa products are handcrafted and top-notch guaranteed. With chocolate and cocoa powder, you will also get the tang of fresh berries & tummy-yummy Marshmallows. If you think that's enough, wait! There is more in this surprise birthday & Christmas gift box. This chocolate hamper also provides you with a chrome mug which can be customised according to your preference. This bundle wraps up with a complimentary gift a wonderful Bouquet of Omakase rose flowers.

These are the quintessential Christmas, birthday flower & chocolate baskets that will make you fall in love with chocolates. These chocolate hampers can be delivered at your doorsteps.