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Cupcakes & Muffins - Best Gift for the Sweet Toothed

Written by RUBINA TIYU


Posted on September 27 2020

A meal is only complete, if there is dessert after the main course. Everyone waits for that moment of happiness which the sweetness of the dessert brings to the table. May it be an adult or a kid, every person loves that appealing, divine taste. In fact, many people are so fond of sweets and desserts that they crave for those mouth-watering delicacies like cupcakes and muffins all the time. They find joy in the sweetness of these sweets.

So, here are the few perfect gift bundles that can prove to be the best gift to give to a sweet-toothed person. These bundles include absolutely tasty treats. It will surely help you build a connection with the receiver of the bundle.As Gail Simmons, a food writer and cookbook author, once said “There is no better way to bring people together than with desserts”.

Cupcakes & Tea

The cupcakes and tea bundles are a simple primary bundle with very basic items. You can gift this food hamper to someone whose taste preferences you don’t know much about. It includes six delicious cupcakes along with fresh and healthy berries. For drink, it has Gryphon tea. It also comes with a beautiful Omakase floral bouquet. This bundle will show a warm gesture from your side.

Cupcakes and Tea Bundles

Cupcakes & Kopi

This bundle is for those people who prefer coffee more and like something sweet with their coffee to balance it out. Six yummy cupcakes together with refined GK kopi make the perfect combo. In addition, fresh berries and butter are also included in the bundle. Omakase floral bouquet in the bundle makes this gift bundle wholesome.

Gift Bundle - Cupcakes & Kopi

Muffin Basket

The muffin basket is a completely packed basket with various items in it. Every piece is beautifully arranged in the food hamper to make the edible gift more representable. The drink included in the bundle is Gryphon tea and the sweet snacks are muffins by Just Like Peri. The main item that makes this bundle different from others is healthy and tasty Bircher muesli. Also, honey is provided in the package to give the taste of an additional flavour for those who like that extra sweetness. To top it off, the basket contains a matching bright coloured Omakase bouquet.

Muffin Basket

Tea Party

The tea party bundle is a large size bundle with a number of different items. This edible gift bundle can help someone host a tea party easily and every guest will appreciate the goodies included in it. In drinks, award winning Gryphon tea is included in the bundle which is one of a kind in itself. The main centre of attraction in the bundle is a delicious 7” whole burnt cheesecake by Basque Kitchen by Aitor accompanied by two exotic mushroom quiches by Patisserie G. For snacks, four warm buttery croissants and six freshly baked scones by Patisserie G are also present in the bundle. Cranberry pecan cookies by Just Like Peri are given in the bundle as secondary snacks. Additional items like butter/ cream/ jam, fresh and healthy berries are also there in it. Last but not least a heavenly smelling artistic Omakase floral bouquet just glorifies the whole gift bundle.

These are aesthetically pleasing and also tasteful bundles that you can gift to a sweet toothed. You will surely see a smile on their face and an appreciation coming your way!

Edible Gift Bundle Tea Party