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Food Bundles for Any Occasion - Halal Certified

Written by RUBINA TIYU


Posted on September 16 2020

Whether it is a kid or a grown-up, everyone loves to get a unique gift. And most of us have to go through so many ups and down to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. But what if you could find exciting as well adorable gifts at a single stop? And how about a Food Gift Bundle?

Food Bundles are an excellent choice if you are looking to gift your loved ones a unique and delicious gift!Read more to knowhow Food Bundles are the perfect gift for any occasion.

Enjoy with Cupcakes & Tea 

Cupcakes are among the foremost popular snacks among the kids! And if you are looking to excite your kids with some delicious and saviour food items,a bundle of Cupcakes& Tea is a perfect surprise. Cupcakes are the most delicious and fastest baked food when it comes to bringing a smile to your kid’s face.

If you are residing in Singapore, Gryphon Tea might sound familiar. You could also get yourself some gryphon tea with cupcakes to enjoy with your kids, a quality family time.

Enjoy with Cupcakes & Tea

Cupcakes & Kopi

Soft and delicious Cupcakes with Kopi could be the perfect choice to gift your loved ones a surprise in the late morning, midday, or evening.This could be the perfect choice if you are looking for a surprise gift without any occasion.Make a pair of Cupcakes & Kopi with a gorgeous flower bouquet for your special one and you can make anyday a special one.

Cupcakes & Kopi

Tea Party with Cupcakes

The tradition of tea parties in different countries has a very deep meaning in life. Tea parties traditionally were known as a gathering where one serves tea to their guests with a variety of snacks or munchies to eat with. In today’s times, the tea party does not need to be huge. You can gather anywhere with some of your beloved and have a great chit chat time.

People enjoy it, and it's a chance to relax and celebrate with tea. But what’s a tea party without food to eat. You could include food items like scones, a sliced loaf with butter, cream, or jam. You may also have some berries to add.

Tea Parties

Brownies & Sparkling Tea 

Brownies & sparkling tea bundles are the perfect gifts if you are looking for something to gift your best friend.This is an excellent chance to show your sweet love for them and Gryphon Sparkling Tea to add to the flavour.

Make sure to gift them something unique and surprising everytime you gift a food bundle. You could also add Kopi instead of Sparkling Tea if your best friend is a coffee lover. And don’t forget to include a Floral Bouquet to see that beautiful and happy smile on their faces.

Brownies & Sparkling Tea

Cinnamon Rolls & Tea

Who here loves Cinnamon Rolls?

Cinnamon rolls can be the food you are looking, for your breakfast or snack time. And with tea, it becomes even more delicious.A bundle of Cinnamon Rolls & Tea can be used to gift your tea lover best friend.When clubbed with Omakase Foral Bouquet can add to the charm of your healthy & tasty gift bundle.

Special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or a surprise party are great opportunities to give your special one's an unforgettable experience. They will surely enjoy something different and unique, whether you want to impress your young kids or your parents. These food gifts can be the perfect choice for any occasion.

Cinnamon Rolls & Tea

Knots & Gifts - Halal Certified Food Bundles

Gifting a food bundle can be exciting and at the same time difficult if you are looking for Halal Certified Food. We know the importance of Halal Certified Food Bundles, and thus offer a large collection of Halal Certified Food Bundles for all our Halal Friendly Friends.

You can have many options for gifting food bundles and with us be assured with Halal Certifications. So, move ahead with gifting food bundles for any occasion without any hesitation!