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Gift Bundles for Different Occasions

Written by RUBINA TIYU


Posted on October 26 2020

Giving gifts is one of the best ways to show your love, care, and respect for others. On certain occasions, there is a tradition of giving gifts and letting people know that they are an important part of your life. Gifts should include items that can be enjoyed by the person who is receiving the gift and what is better than a food bundle. Edible gifts and food hampers are so in trend nowadays. These gift bundles contain delicious items and come in beautiful packaging. Different types of food baskets can be sent as a gift for different occasions. Let’s have a look at some of the options available.

Teacher’s Day - Appreciate their contribution to society

Teacher’s day is an occasion to appreciate teachers and the values they bring to our lives. Give your teacher one of the food bouquets as a gift on this day. Cookies and Petals bundle can be the perfect choice for this occasion. Groovy Mug from the bundle is available in different colours like pink, mint or grey. Delicious butterscotch macadamia or cranberry pecan cookies add a sweet factor to the hamper. Along with a beautiful and fresh Omakase floral bouquet, it is a sweet and simple kind of snack gift hamper that shows efforts with minimum items.

Teacher’s Day - Appreciate their contribution to society

Singapore Cocktail Festival - An Annual Drinking & Gathering Event

Singapore Cocktail Festival is a known occasion for drink lovers. People tend to get lost in the fun they are having and drink too much. If you are looking for a gift for a person who enjoys this festival, this hangover kit can be the best suitable match here. They will surely need a food and care bundle like this. Vitamin C tablets, bloody mary, and Kombucha could help them to counteract alcohol effects. Items like Moreish cookies by Just Like Peri and Quiches will be useful for their cravings. For those puffy eyes after a hangover, Aviator shades can prove to be an eye soother. Each and every item in the food hamper basket will help them control the effect of alcohol and fulfill their hunger with healthy food items. This care bundle can be a means to show your love & affection after a party festival hangover.

Singapore Cocktail Festival - An Annual Drinking & Gathering Event

Diwali - Festival Of Lights & Sweets

On Diwali, one of the primary celebration activities is giving and receiving food gift hampers. For this particular occasion, various options of food baskets are available in the market but people generally choose dry fruit baskets and boxes. This Diwali present a different gift bundle with unique food gifts to your loved ones.

Basque burnt cheesecake in this Diwali Cheesecake Bundle can be the perfect sweet you can gift this Diwali. Accompanied by Henna cookies, Straits chai tea by Gryphon tea, a bottle of wine or champagne of your choice, and with an Omakase floral bouquet, this bundle keeps getting better. Diwali Whisky and Munchies bundle is also a good alternative. A bottle of Whisky from the bundle can be enjoyed with everyone and adds more to the festivities. Sweets like Henna cookies, brownies & Fossa Artisanal chocolate are unique to give as a present. With mixed nuts and Omakase floral bouquet, this hamper can be a great choice as an edible gift bundle for whiskey lovers.

People who have a bit of a sweet tooth will appreciate Diwali Cupcakes Bundle. Henna cupcakes and cookies (cranberry pecan or butterscotch macadamia) are the sweets presented in the bundle. For drinks, Strait chai tea by Gryphon tea and a bottle of wine or champagne are available. Additional items like mixed nuts with a beautiful Omakase floral bouquet, it is a nice choice as a gift. A bigger option available for the Diwali food hamper basket is a bundle called Diwali Munchies Bundle. It contains various items for different taste buds. It has a large variety of sweets like Henna cookies, cupcakes, brownies, cookies (cranberry pecan & butterscotch macadamia) & macarons. Straits chai tea by Gryphon tea and a bottle of wine or champagne as drinks are the perfect match here. Mixed nuts and an Omakase floral bouquet complete the whole hamper.

These all hampers contain wine or champagne and tea as an additional gift item and hence can prove to be the best drinks hamper.

Diwali Cheesecake Bundle

Christmas - Celebrating Birth of Jesus

Christmas is an occasion on which sitting with the family and having a lavish dinner is a tradition. For an occasion like this Roast Pork & Craft Beer bundle can be a perfect gift to take with you as a thank you gift for the hosts. Craft beer by Trouble Brewing and roast pork in the bundle are an excellent combination and can be enjoyed with everyone. Options available for the beer flavours are Brick Head Pilsner, Dodgy Tip Pale Ale, Road Hog Session IPA, Singapore Lager & Stolen Boat Summer Ale. This Xmas hamper can prove to be the best gift basket for them.

Roast Pork & Craft Beer

New Year - Marking The New Beginnings

The celebration of the new year is incomplete without drinks and sweets. So, gift one of the food and drinks bouquets on this occasion to your loved ones and wish them a happy new year. A Craft beer bundle is one of the options. Bottles of beer along with snacks like popcorn, a bag of chips (Irvin’s, Lay’s), a bag of nachos and pretzels are perfect union made for each other. For drink lovers, a G&T Bundle will be more appropriate. With gin, tonic water, and Laiba Cocktails, it is a complete package to gift your loved ones.

Get one of these food bundles and gift them to people in your life. These will surely make them feel special on different ocassions. You can order these online and get the best food gifts delivered at your place and save your time.

Craft Beer Bundle