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Make Your Tea Party With Gift Bundles

Written by RUBINA TIYU


Posted on October 19 2020

How long it's been, since you had a tea party with your friends and family, we think it’s been a while, right? The reason might be un-affordable tea from an expensive café or, it's just that tea is not enough at a party. Well, the solution to this problem is tea gift bundles.

Tea gift bundles are the food gift baskets that include different kinds of teas along with other exclusive items. Some of the amazing tea gift hampers are mentioned below.

Casual Tea Party Bundle

The tea party gift bundle includes enticing products like 4 pieces of yummy croissants by Patisserie G. These yummy snacks can make your family breakfast a delight. This morning tea hamper also includes a packet of 2 mushroom quiches by Patisserie G and are suitable to eat as a healthy breakfast. Along with these, you get 6 pieces of scones, and these scones are among the tasty treat of this food hamper. Whole burnt cheesecake which is something that will make this menu for tea party more exciting. And who won't like a cheesecake with a cup of tea and other nutritious snacks? If you think that this is enough for a surprise tea hamper, here are some other items of these gift bundles such as cream or jam according to your choice, the sweet & delicious cranberry pecan cookies by Just like Peri, some of the fresh & finest berries straight out of farms. And after all these, you finally get a special tasteful tea by Gryphon tea. Gryphon Tea is a renowned tea and known to have different vitamins & vital nutrients that are good for the body. This compilation of gift bundles for tea ideas ends with a bouquet of Omakase flowers.

Tea Party

Mini Tea Party Hamper

Mini tea party is a tea basket hamper with every tempting item in it. This fresh & healthy menu for a tea party includes pieces of tummy-yummy scones by Patisserie G. Other products available in this great tea bundle are finger-licking berries jam, slip-lick butter, and cranberry pecan cookies for a tea party by Just like Peri. These items come along with fresh berries and complete healthy & diet-conscious tea by Gryphon. Now, these mini tea party hampers not only have perfect snack items but also have some amazing add-ons like a lovely fragrancing Omakase floral bouquet. A mini cheesecake is also a mouth-watering add-on option. Croissants & mushroom quiches by Patisserie G are also some great add-on options to improvise your gift bundle.

Mini Tea Party

Tea Party Basket - Halal Certified

This tea party bundle is a great hamper for those who eat only halal-certified food. This breakfast hamper offers you everything fresh, good for health & 100% halal-certified food items like delicious scones that your kids will love to eat at breakfast. An alternative option between butter, cream, and jam is what makes this gift bundle hamper customisable as per the choice of an individual. Fresh berries make this gift hamper more special. Last but not the least, Gryphon tea - a must in any tea party & a lovely omakase floral bouquet to give a refreshing effect to your tea table. 

These are some of the best gift bundles that you can try for a tea party either with your family, office colleagues, etc. The variants available in the tea gift hampers are according to different occasions and you can get items added as per your needs.