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Rock Your Tea Party with Bagels and Donuts!

Written by RUBINA TIYU


Posted on September 26 2020

Tea parties are a traditional way of arranging a get together with your family and friends. It allows people to sit together and socialise with their peers. People eat, play, and talk about various topics. For many, it is a status symbol among the people while for others it is time to spend with their close ones.

Every party needs some mandatory things to count it as successful. One of the main things is food and drinks. Tea, coffee, snacks with tea like fresh bagels, there are a lot of options available. Being a guest, we always tend to go with a little gift to thank the host for their hospitality. How great would it be if this gift can add a little shine to their party?

Food gift baskets are a great option to gift someone on their party. Every tea or coffee lover present at the party would appreciate the gift brought by you. Food hamper gifts include many delicious items that increase the taste of tea even further. Some of the options for the unique edible gifts are discussed below.

Donuts and Kopi

This bundle is a basic food bouquet containing the items liked by everyone. It includes delicious donuts from Dunkin Donuts, GK kopi, fresh berries, a Chrome mug and to top it off an Omakase floral bouquet. Pairs like kopi and donuts from this snack basket are one of the most liked combinations and go hand in hand.

Donuts and Kopi

Bagels and Kopi

This Bagels and Kopi bundle can be the best food gift basket for the person who does not like too many sweet snacks with his or her coffee. This bundle has two bagels by Patisserie G, GK kopi, cream cheese, fresh berries, a personalised mug, smoked salmon, and a beautiful Omakase floral bouquet. The bundle includes one or two items that are more than just snacks for the party and can be appreciated by the host later too.

Bagels and Kopi

Bagels and Tea

Tea is probably the most refreshing drink for many people. It can be made according to one’s taste preference and gives a push to your mood. This bundle here has items like two bagels by Patisserie G, Bircher muesli, cream cheese, fresh berries, Gryphon tea, smoked salmon, and a lovely Omakase floral bouquet. This food gift set can be the perfect gift for tea lovers out there and other edible items make it a little more interesting.

Perfect Gift for Tea Lovers

Tea Party Bundle

As the name suggests, this bundle can be the best gift option for people who enjoy tea. This charming foodie gift includes four scones, four sliced loaf, butter/ cream/ jam, fresh berries, Gryphon tea. With all these items, there comes an Omakase floral bouquet to make the bundle look even more elegant.

Tea Party Bundle

Mini Tea Party Bundle

The mini tea party bundle may be the most sophisticated and unique edible gift bundle you could give to your dear ones. It constitutes of various types of drinks, snacks, and dessert. Snacks included in the bundle are four scones by Patisserie G, cranberry pecan cookies by Just Like Peri, fresh berries, two croissants by Patisserie G. Main desserts are burnt cheesecake by Basque Kitchen by Aitor and two mushroom quiches by Patisserie G. Some additionals like butter and berries jam are also included to enhance the flavour little bit more. For drink, a delicious, relaxing tea called Gryphon tea is packed in the bundle. The whole bundle is represented with an Omakase floral bouquet which gives it a pretty look and a sweet fragrance.

These bundles can be the one if you are looking for good quality healthy food gifts. Buy them now and present them to your loved ones. These will surely make them smile and will make your bond stronger.