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Surprise Floral Gifts for Loved Ones

Written by RUBINA TIYU


Posted on September 02 2020

When we talk about giving gifts to someone, we want the receiver to remember it as something memorable and meaningful. If you are thinking about gifting something delicate and special to your friend or loved ones, then floral gifts are a marvelous way to show appreciation. A fresh bunch of sunflowers or lily bundles can brighten up anyone’s mood. The art of creating unique flower bundles has been something that has been going on for centuries and has been encouraged across many countries.

Different Occasions Where You Can Gift Flowers

Flower Foliage for Weddings

You can gift flowers at weddings to your friends to express your love, joy, and appreciation towards them. Gifting rose bundles or tiger lily bundles can help you communicate your deepest feelings elegantly. Weddings are a major transition in one’s life and gifting colorful floral foliage exemplifies beauty and is a personalized way to show your love to the lucky couple.

Flowers for Birthdays

Birthdays are celebratory occasions where you can surprise your loved ones with lovely foliage of peonies and roses. Flowers can make anyone feel special and can make them happy instantly. Since ancient times, sunflower foliages have been considered a symbol of joy and beauty. On special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, you can gift your loved ones with flowers for positivity and express your happiness.

Flower – A Means To Show Your Love

Flowers are visually stunning. Some of them are also known for expressing passion. The art of gifting lies in getting the details right. Protea is associated with diversity and courage, while other foliage such as sunflowers and tulips are associated with dedication and faithfulness. While flowers can be used to express different emotions, the most common one is love. Gift flower bundles like omakase rose foliages to your special person and express how much they mean to you.

Flowers for Baby Showers

A new baby brings joy and happiness to a family. Do you want to gift something special to the to-be new parents? Then a colorful flower bundle to congratulate the new parents is a wonderful choice. Now that you’ve decided to gift flowers, you can mix a variety such as a tiger-lily, peonies, or different colorful petals to make a beautiful bundle for the celebration of a new life.

Flowers for Baby Showers

Celebrate Special Occasions with Beautiful Flowers

The best thing about flowers is that they are suitable for every occasion. Whether you want to congratulate a colleague on their job promotion or want to express love and gratitude on anniversaries, flowers are versatile.

Knots&Gifts - Your Online Flower & Gifts Shop

Do you know what makes an occasion even more special? Receiving a thoughtful gift. When you are gifting someone flowers, it shows that you pay attention to their likes and dislikes and that you care for them. Gifting flowers is convenient, budget-friendly, safest, and the loveliest option.  If you are not familiar with the person but still want to wish them happiness, then flowers are accessible and convey your message beautifully.

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