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Top 3 Gifts for New Born Babies - Baby Gift Bundles

Written by RUBINA TIYU


Posted on November 28 2020

It is a remarkable moment for every parent when a new baby enters their world. They joyously celebrate and anticipate the new life entering the world. Babies are adorable as well as sensitive to their surroundings which is why it becomes a mind wrecking work to purchase a newborn baby gift set. There are so many baby products available in the market which makes it eventually easy for anyone to get confused. Also, you must remember while purchasing gifts, consider buying something that is useful for parents as well as the baby.

Below mentioned are some of the baby bundle gifts one can consider gifting a newborn baby and their parents as a new beginning to their parenthood.

Get the Newborn The Best Baby Bundles

1) Ultimate Baby Bundle

The newborn baby’s skin needs tender loving care. They need comfy clothes to wear that are not just good at looking but also the clothes should be of the finest quality that makes all the difference. Here are some of the most useful gifts for new parents that will express your heartfelt happiness for the parents and baby too. This pack of ultimate baby bundle consists of four sets along with balloons and a bouquet. The benefit of purchasing this kind of gift bundles is described below.

Most Useful Gifts for New Parents

  • Oeteo Welcome Set

A newborn welcome set is an excellent newborn gift one can think of when a baby is born. Oeteo welcome set with adorable miniature design consists of accessories like bib, baby romper, mittens, booties, and a blanket that can be mixed and matched to make a complete set. Made of soft and breathable cotton fabric, these clothes will keep the toddler comfortable all day.

  • Hegen Complete Starter Kit PPSU

One of the best baby gifts for new parents is a complete starter kit that can be perfect for mothers looking for everything needed in a single container with interchangeable pump or adapters. Breast milk storage lid converts it into an air-tight storage container that can be stored in a storage bag. One container, replaceable pump - minimal hassle with maximum convenience!

  • Bundle of Balloons & Omakase Floral Bouquet

A bundle of balloons is definitely the best way t cheer someone up and add to their happiness. The colours of the balloons will surely be a great idea to gift not just to the baby but also the parents marking their beginning with parenthood. An omakase flower bouquet is uniquely made with different combinations of flowers and will just be perfect with this baby gift bundle.

2) Mini Baby Bundle

A mini baby bundle comprises everything a new parent would need along with the baby. It consists of Hegen bottles and Oeteo clothes that give comfort to your toddler. The flip and change blankeo along with a bundle of balloons and a floral bouquet is one of the best lifestyle bundles you can get. This gift bundle can surely be tagged as the best baby gifts for new parents due to the exciting items it includes that will help and support the new mother.

Mini Baby Bundle

  • Oeteo Welcome Set or Oeteo Easy Suit Sleep Bag & Flip & Change Blankeo

Making sure your child gets good & sound sleep will ensure that he or she will have a strong foundation for mind and body development. The sleeping bag is made to keep your little ones warm, the blanket can be folded to make a perfect pillow and can be used both as a blanket and pillow too.   

  • Hegen PCTO Basic Starter Kit PPSU

This kit is suitable for new moms to help them in their new parenthood experience. By simply swapping the interchangeable lids, breast milk storage lids allow the feeding bottles to convert into air-tight and protected storage containers. This can then be used when the baby needs to be fed with the mother’s milk. This

3) Baby Wear & Balloons

Baby wear & ballons is a completely newborn gifts bundle among the others. This bundle is for those looking for a complete baby dedication gifts as it comprises of baby wear & balloons.

A perfect baby wear gift to welcome that special one to the world. Oeteo clothes are one of the best clothes for your little ones and made of cotton to give your baby a soft and comfortable feel and let your child sleep the whole day.

These are some of the gifts in Singapore that you can consider presenting to a new born baby and new parents, especially moms. Because they also need help and support while experiencing their new feel of parentship.

Baby Wear & Balloons