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Wedding Gifts For Newly Weds

Written by RUBINA TIYU


Posted on November 28 2020

Weddings are one of the most auspicious occasions of one's life as happiness, celebration, and romance can be seen everywhere. People get involved in this happiness by sharing love and blessings. One more way of expressing love is by giving gifts. Wedding gifts are quite different from casual gifts because the special thing to consider when buying a wedding gift for couples is that it should be useful for both the bride and groom. So, instead of giving a single costly gift, one can prefer different wedding present ideas. Below mentioned are some of the gift hampers you can present due to the presence of special items like personalised gifts with bottles of flavoursome champagnes and deodorising wedding bouquet that one can consider as the best wedding gift ideas.

Bespoke Towel & Bubblies Wedding Gift Hamper

The Bespoke Towel & Bubblies hamper is a unique and refreshing gift bundle that one can gift to their loved ones. This is a collection of different gift items that can be customised and you can mention the names of the bride & groom on them. The gift bundle offers a "white as snow" face towel, along with a hand towel & a bath towel available in some amazing colours like white, grey & blue this can be a unique wedding gift for the groom.

This bespoke gift hamper also contains a Chakra candle that can enlighten the wedding ceremony with the colourful flames and women love candles, so the Chakra candles can also be a perfect gift for her. The gift bundle also includes items like Handmade Heroes' body scrub. The Handmade Heroes body scrub can be used for skincare and give the skin a glowing effect. In addition to all the cool & vibey things, one will also get to select the champagne bottles of their choice to add to the celebrations. With all the cool & amazing items, this wedding gift bundle also comes with a fragrancing Omakase floral bouquet as a complement to the newly wedded couple.

Bespoke Towel & Bubblies Wedding Gift Hamper

Bespoke Bathrobe & Bubblies - Unique Gift Bundle

The Bespoke Bathrobe & Bubblies has some really wondrous items in it. The first item in this wedding gift hamper is a bathrobe. The bathrobe is either made up of smooth material of the finest quality. One can also give this as a personalised gift to the newlyweds by customising embroidered work on the front and back of the bathrobe with the name of the couple. A Chakra candle is also present in the wedding hamper which can be the symbol to light up the newly married life of the bride and groom. Another item in this gift bundle is a body scrub by Handmade Heroes'. You can add this in the gift hamper as a wedding souvenir to show your thoughtfulness behind the gift selection process. And if that is not enough for a unique wedding gift, this hamper offers you the choice to select a delicious and flavourful champagne bottle by Moet or Henri Giraud whichever you feel is good can multiply the celebration of the wedding ceremony. A wedding gift is empty without flowers, so to make the gift bundle perfect for weddings, a fragrancing and colourful Omakase flower bouquet is added to complete the best gift bundle one can think of.

Both of the wedding gift bundles have the perfect and unique items in them. As a matter of fact, anyone can prefer both unique gift bundles as they are budget-friendly and will make a good impression in front of the bride and groom.

Bespoke Bathrobe & Bubblies - Unique Gift Bundle