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What Can You Choose to Gift Women?

Written by RUBINA TIYU


Posted on October 29 2020

Women love when they are pampered and are taken care of. It shows them how deep you think and care about them. Whether it is a special occasion or a normal day, receiving a gift makes their day, and what is better than a unique gift that they can use on daily basis. Presents including skincare products are one of the best gift ideas.

Below are some great options for the best pampering products. Let’s have a look and maybe you will find the perfect gift idea for your girlfriend or gift for her.

Moana Hand & Body Lotion – Lemongrass & Ginger

Moana hand and body lotion is a skincare product made up of natural ingredients. It can be the perfect personalised gift for mom. This lotion with coconut oil base is a great moisturiser as it contains essential oil of pure lemongrass and ginger which can be very relaxing and can provide a calm, soothing effect. Also, it comes in lovely packaging with a pump on the neck for easy dispensing and application of the lotion which makes it a travel-friendly product. This can be a great Mother’s Day gift or makeup gift for any lady.

Moana Hand & Body Lotion - Lemongrass & Ginger

Ashley & Co Waxed Reed Home Perfume Candle

Ashley & Co. is a New Zealand based brand. They are known for long-lasting, memorable scents and quality products. With different scent profiles available their products are one of a kind. These perfumes and candles can be a suitable birthday gift for a girl best friend or your girlfriend. You can also gift candles as a housewarming gift.

Bubbles & Polka Dots perfumed wax candle is a blend of rich garden roses with silky powdery musk as the base. It gives a sweet and delicate fragrance, perfect for daily use. This can be a nice farewell gift for women. Once Upon A Time, scent wax candle emits a strong and powerful scent as it is made from the mixture of black gardenia and fig leaf. Tui & Kahili scented perfume wax candle is an amalgamation of ginger and delicate lily. Both the fragrances complement each other so well that they set the perfect contrast between strong and light.

Parakeets & Pearls with the fragrance of precious white lilies and freshly picked green tea is a bit off a matured taste perfume. This authentic scent gets to the person on every use. Blossom & Gilt having wild jasmine and Costa Rican tuberose smells like a warm scent from a freshly made bouquet.

These perfumes can prove to be good Xmas gift ideas or birthday gift ideas for moms too!

Ashley & Co Waxed Reed  Home Perfume

Moana Chakra Candles

Moana Chakra Candles are 100% soy natural wax candles. Embedded with crystals, these candles contain all the essentials required for aromatherapy. With oil, dried herbs, flowers, and spices; these candles have delicate, comforting, and relaxing scents. These candles are calming and can cleanse the aura around you. These can be a great Christmas gift idea. These chakra candles are great options to choose as gifts for women

Moana Chakra Candles

Moana Bright Eye Roller

Moana Bright Eye Roller is a great option for a small gift idea. Puffy eyes are one of the problems that ladies have to deal with first thing in the morning. This eye roller has a base of refreshing cucumber which have high water content and moisturises the area around the eyes perfectly. With a hint of caffeine, this roller can help in the reduction of puffiness and give a boost of confidence to the user. This is small but can be a significant gift for girls.

We all have special women in our life, be it our mother, sister, girlfriend, friend, or best friend. Buy a gift for them and let them know how much you appreciate them. These gifts can be bought for pampering yourself too as they are also a part of self-care products and can be used by anyone. Take care of your loved ones with one of the unique and exciting presents and it may help you make your bond even more special.

Moana Bright Eye Roller