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Crackling skin and juicy meat make a scumptious roast pork! 


  • 04 Craft Beer by 1925 Co 
  • Roast Pork (500g)
  • Beer Glass With Personalised Sticker
  • Omakase Medium Floral Bouquet (add on $48)

 This Bundle comes in our wicker basket! 



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*Flavour Profile of Beer

LIANG TEH (4.8% ABV) is a crisp lager, accentuated by the lightness of white chrysanthemums. Easy on the palate and good for whole day drinking, this lager goes well with deep fried, spicy and seafood for the perfect combination.

SMALL MONSTER (4.8% ABV) is a sessionable IPA brewed with a combination of up to 3 different types of hops. A robust ale with a smooth mouth feel which finishes with the lingering notes of hops and mild dryness. Despite its style, the Small Monster is an IPA designed to quench the thirst of any avid drinker.

BLK622 (5.2% ABV) is probably the most well known beer brewed by The 1925 Brewing Co. The body is jet black with a smooth creamy foam head, and often gets mistaken for a stout. Flavours are bold and rich, with hints of coffee and caramel.

SMALL MONSTER, COFFEE IPA (4.8% ABV) is probably the first coffee Ipa brewed in Singapore, the 1925 Brewing Co 's coffee Ipa is brewed featuring local cold brew experts, Bootstrap cold brew coffee. You can expect the strong coffee aroma and flavours well balanced against the hoppiness of the trip of hops that we use.

Yellow Van (4.8% ABV) is brewed primarily with the hops, Citra. Designed to be a session beer, the pale ale seeks a delicate balance between both hops and malt.  It brings familiarity, yet never fails to surprise the palate with the subtle bursts of Citra. Pours well with a fully formed head of foam and is probably the most versatile beer in our selection to pair with any foods.


Roast Pork & Craft Beer


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